Greetings from Hell: My long overdue return to Florida.

Twenty three years after I left Florida for my career, it was time to return to my adopted hometown.Continue readingGreetings from Hell: My long overdue return to Florida.

3 sights in Oaxaca Mexico that almost make up for it not being on a beach.

Oaxaca, Mexico is a full eight-hour drive from the nearest coast. What the hell, am I right?

Guerneville, CA: Get away from everything (including cell coverage).

Not every vacation destination we choose is some exotic location in a far-flung corner of the globe. Sometimes, we’re just too lazy to make proper travel plans.

Clearwater Beach: Where the sand’s as white as the people who go there.

A quick 20-minutes west of Tampa, Florida lies a full two-and-a-half miles of cocaine-white sand named Clearwater Beach. It’s an easily accessible, subtropical paradise that makes everyone who visits forget their troubles, worries and — judging from the tourists we saw — their fashion sense.

Redding, California: It’s close to a lot of other, better places to visit.

A famous architect designed a bridge in Reading and that was enough reason to go there.

Hawai‘i, The Big Island: Probably not the Hawai‘i you’re thinking of.

When we first made plans to go to Hawai‘i, we didn’t know much about the place, like the fact that you put an upside-down apostrophe between the last two ‘i’s. But we’d been to Honolulu before and thought we’d gotten the gist of the 50th state: Hot sun, lots of flora and fauna, sprawling beaches, bars and Barcaloungers. So it came as a shock when our plane touched down in the Proterozoic Era.

Mazatlán, Mexico: Lots to do and lots of reasons not to do any of it.

We didn’t pick Mazatlán for its deep-sea fishing, sailing, or any of the other things you can reportedly do there. We picked it for all the things you don’t do there. Namely, put on shoes or pants. This was our “sit around drinking beer while reading People Magazine” vacation. But I still managed to find things to write about: Iguanas, mostly.

Cancun: It’s not all beer chugging and wet t-shirt contests (dammit).

Cancun has fascinating archeological sites and a rich history that you can explore in between Margaritas.

San Jaun, PR: Where so many speak Spanish, you think you’re in California.

We spent a week in the not-so-exotic — but still technically foreign — Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.