So, what the heck is a CrosbyReport?

People rarely speak to me on the street, or anywhere else, for that matter. Yet when they do, they shout “Hey, what the @#$%& is a CrosbyReport?!” Then I do my best to explain that the CrosbyReport is a humor site that’s ostensibly about travel. But it’s also an email newsletter about nothing, a mindless diversion for news-weary folk who want a break from being constantly reminded of our species’ imminent and inevitable demise.

A brief history of the CrosbyReport.

It’s also a free newsletter.

When I left New York back in the early ’90s to pursue a career in advertising, I soon found myself hand-writing the same “Here’s what I’m up to” letter to friends and family back home—yes, we wrote with our hands back then, and it was exhausting.

To avoid early onset Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, I decided to focus on writing one good, impersonal letter, which I called “The CrosbyReport” (well before either Colbert or Drudge, I might add). Then I printed out a bunch of copies of my faux publication, and snail-mailed them to everyone I knew. It was a grueling task that ate up far too much of my valuable time.

The CrosbyReport has always been an early adopter of technology.

First hard copy of the CrosbyReport circa 1990.
The first issue, circa 1990.

Paying for postage stamps started getting costly, too, so I began distributing the CrosbyReport using my employer’s facsimile—or “fax”—machine (an advanced technology for the time), which made the recipient’s employer bear the financial cost. Yet, before those employers went broke from fax toner bills, the Internet was invented. Hooray!

“Fax Machine” by schatz | CC BY-SA 2.0

On October 25, 2000, I bought the domain, Using GoLive CyberStudio—the first WYSIWYG HTML editor—I learned to post on the World Wide Web. Soon after, I learned front-end web development, and upgraded to a Content Management System (Drupal v4-v7), before finally succumbing to WordPress.

Sadly, I had neglected my site’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) up to this point, so it didn’t appear in Google search results and nobody ever visited my site. That’s why I now send the CrosbyReport to people via the newsletter. Just like I did in the beginning. Only, now, you know…over email.

What’s the point of all this pointless drivel?

Author of the CrosbyReport

Honestly, there is none—you got me. I’m a retired advertising Creative Director who travels the world fairly extensively because my wife drags me. I like landscape photography and writing about my experiences on the CrosbyReport so that I won’t forget them when dementia finally sets in. If anyone else enjoys reading the site, well, that’s just a bonus.

Admit it, you’ve given out your email for less.

Only once a month, and it’s FREE! Because who’d pay for this nonsense?