Vancouver, British Columbia: You know, Canada’s good city.

Of all the many cities in Canada, Vancouver is certainly one of the better ones.

San Francisco, CA: Thoughts on the West Coast of America.

What can I say about the City By The Bay that hasn’t been said countless times before? Lots.

Lake Tahoe, Nevada: Recalibrate your idea of what the color blue looks like.

My wife’s mother came to town recently, and we stupidly drove the four hours up to Lake Tahoe. It’s only about 200 miles northeast of SF, but it took us 4 hours to drive through the damn mountains due to traffic—several times, we were passed on the road by glaciers. Located 6,000 feet above sea…

Gilroy, CA: Garlic capital of the world and most vampire-free city in America.

Do you like garlic? I mean, really like garlic? I mean, like it so much you don’t mind people gagging at your mere scent? Would you bathe in the stuff if you could? Then you’ve got to go to Gilroy, California. It is in the middle of nowhere (southeast of San Jose) and home of America’s premier and darn near ONLY garlic resources. And guess what? They have a festival. Yeah! A garlic festival! And we went! (Don’t ask why. We were bored.)