South America

Reports from our travels around South America.

Belize: It’s like a giant saltwater aquarium that isn’t all full of fish poop.

People don’t come to Belize to get lentigo malign on its beaches — frankly, they’re not the white sandy kind you find around the Hawaiian, Caribbean, or Galapagos islands. Instead, people come for what those islands don’t have: an epic, ...
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Quito, Ecuador: Living on an earthquake fault seems sane by comparison.

Though Quito was merely the second capital of the Inca Empire, it was and still is first in “cities surrounded on all sides by active volcanoes.” Its precarious position made for spectacular city views (and a highly profitable insurance industry, ...
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Urubamba Valley, Peru

Urubamba Valley, Peru: aka “Yucay Valley,” aka “Sacred Valley,” aka “Holy Crap! Valley.”

Many adventure-seeking morons choose to spend five whole days hiking the infamous “Inca Trail,” but that’s just mental when you consider that you can take a perfectly civilized PeruRail train the entire way from the Urubamba Valley to Machu Picchu, ...
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Cusco, Peru: Not everyone who lives in the Andes Mountains crashed their airplane.

At 4,300 miles long, the Andes is the world’s longest continental mountain range. Running North to South, it cuts directly through the middle third of Peru, separating the county’s interior rain-forest from its coastal desert. The Incas thought the Andes ...
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South America: We visited our fellow Americans below the equator.

A lot of people would consider our two-week, sub-equatorial adventure including Lima, Cusco, the Sacred Valley, and Machu Picchu in Peru, and Quito and the Galápagos Islands in Ecuador, “the trip of a lifetime.” For what it cost us, it ...
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