Upping my gratitude game for 2024.

Gratitude is the best gift you can give someone, because no one can tell if you’re being sincere or not.
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Historically, this time of year was about watching and overdosing on tryptophan. But this year, friend, I'm trying to be more “emotionally available.” To tear down the protective walls between me and those I care about. And, to be more grateful and open to emotional growth. Not right now, of course. I mean…eventually. You know, down the road somewhere.

Meanwhile, here are my Top-4 gratitudes.

For starters, I'm grateful that new seasons of Ted Lasso, Futurama, and Upload dropped this year. I'm also grateful that, despite increasingly unpredictable weather, my house hasn't been destroyed by a hurricane (yet). And, for reasons I choose not to delve into, I'm grateful that my wife still hasn't left me (yet).

Mostly, I'm grateful for the people I love most.

I'm not talking about family or friends—no, I mean my subscribers. That's right, you people. You're the reason I wake up at the crack of eleven to put on pants. And you're the reason I write for a solid 30 minutes before doomscrolling the day away. Frankly, without you folks, I wouldn't be emails, I'd be writing manifestos.

So please accept my for these stupid emails and not immediately unsubscribing afterward—I'm extremely thankful for that.

But, in the end, I guess I'm most thankful for not being on an FBI list (yet).

No man is an , except for that horrible 1980s comic- superhero, “Island Man.*”

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