Ticket price increases guaranteed (TSA security increases still highly debatable.)

Just when you thought flying couldn’t get any more expensive, the TSA piles on to get their pound of flesh.

Just when you thought couldn't get any more expensive, the piles on to get their pound of flesh and help price airline travel out of the reach for most Americans. Well, at least we'll get more out of it, right? RIGHT?!

According to Market Watch:

Starting on July 21, the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) … will more than double the mandatory fee they charge many passengers and will no longer cap these . Under the old law, the fee, which is used for security, was $2.50 for each leg of a flight with a $5 cap on each one-way trip or a $10 cap on each round trip.

But beginning July 21, the fee is $5.60 for each leg of a flight and that is not capped; if your layover is more than four hours on a domestic flight or 12 hours for international , that counts as a second leg of the flight, and you will be charged an additional fee.

That could add another 5% to your cost — now we're talking beer money! (And yet somehow, the USDOT thinks the average cost of airfare is going down! What are they smoking? Marrakesh hashish?)

All of this would maybe be okay if the TSA was good at their jobs, but there have been countless examples of TSA malfeasance or incompetence that leads people to believe that the TSA is in the business of ‘security theater,' not actual security. 

So now we're paying more for security that doesn't make us any safer. Why? Because they can. 

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