Found! The inaugural issue of The Crosby Report.

The first issue of the CrosbyReport was faxed to friends and coworkers back in 1991, well before the Internet.

Here lies the very first issue of The CrosbyReport®. I think. It might be the second. I don't really remember. But this is proof that the CrosbyReport existed pre-Internet, thereby validating my “Since 1991” claim in the masthead.

Circa 1991, I think.

Yes, at one point, the CrosbyReport was created using the dominant Macintosh page-layout program, QuarkXpress (don't laugh), and distributed in analog form through a government service known as “the Post Office,” often taking days to arrive at friend's homes and places of work.

Later, as technology marched ever forward, The Report was sent via facsimile (or “fax”) machine. This advanced technology offered the potential of up-to-date and timely information, though it was never realized.

Finally, in 2003, seizing on the wonder that was the nascent Internet, I began publishing the CrosbyReport in self-taught HTML. Over the following nearly 20 years, I repeatedly redesigned and upgraded the site, honing my skills, ultimately porting it over to Drupal, an open-source Content Management System (since replaced by WordPress).

As I said, I'm pretty sure the issue shown was the first, but if anyone saved them and has the first issue, please send it to me. I'm confident that years from now, the Smithsonian will want the entire .

Posterity will thank you, if no one else.

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