Virgin Atlantic new ensembles.

If I had to rank the many problems that I have with flight attendants, their uniforms probably wouldn’t be tops on my list. But when you’re already a decent airline, your priorities can be a little different. 

Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic is trying to bring the 1960s jetset feel back to commercial flying with some redesigned uniforms by the British fashion icon, Vivienne Westwood. 

For female flight attendants, Westwood created a jacket inspired by an early-1990s design featuring a nipped-in waist and an oversize high collar in Virgin’s signature red. A matching pencil skirt includes the most daring detail: darted seams that emphasize the bum. A red double-breasted overcoat, a handbag, and hourglass heels complete the vintage-looking ensemble. Pants do not seem to be an option.

Honestly, I have no idea what most of that means. But it’s not just Virgin Atlantic doing…whatever that stuff is, both Korean Air and Air France have followed suit, too. (Get it?) The new threads will officially take flight on Sept. 1.

It’s the kind of thing shittier airlines should’ve come up with, because if you can’t make your flight attendants nice or helpful, at least you can make them look good. (Take notes, American…)