Italy, France, and Britain: Our glamorous, 3-week European vacation.

We wanted to see the Old World before it gets too old and flabby.
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For years, people have been telling me stories about their vacations to a place they called “Europe,” a mystical land argued to be the equal of — and even better in many respects than — the United States. I found this idea almost incomprehensible, and so I had to see the place for myself.

Seeing ye Olde World.

Our itinerary had one very specific goal: to see the Old World before it gets too old to enjoy because it’s always whining about the Great War and how much better things were when it was a younger world.

With that in mind, we booked an open-jaw flight into Roma, Italy, and out of London, England. Over the course of three weeks, we would take the native EuroStar rail system to Florence, Venice, Paris, and finally, London.

My vacation, broken up into “legs” so you can jump around.

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