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Have you recently inherited a large family fortune from a relative you barely knew? Do you get paid an obscene salary to do a quasi-legal job within a faceless corporation? Or have you embezzled millions from your city’s pension fund? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, I have news for you. And here it is...


What the heck is a Crosby Report?

Originally meant to update friends and family back home about my goings and doings, the CrosbyReport has slowly morphed over the years into the CrosbyReport Occasional Email Newsletter Thinga mindless diversion for news-weary people who want a break from contemplating our species’ imminent demise.

It’s a free email newsletter with all the news you pay for (none).

Instead of smart, well-researched journalism, the ...


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That’s pretty harsh.

No, no, I’ll get...


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