So, what the heck is a CrosbyReport?

It’s a question that has confounded scholars, subscribers, and search engines as far back as 1991.

So, what is a CrosbyReport? It’s an email newsletter and website, ostensibly about travel, but also a mindless diversion for news-weary folk who want a break from being constantly reminded of our species’ imminent and inevitable demise.

The CrosbyReport provides all the news you pay for—none.

Today’s news is toxic, so why read it? Instead, skim my factually questionable reports and ill-informed idiocy about things, places, and people that I know little or nothing about. That’s better than angst-laced journalism, right?

What’s the point of this pointless drivel?

Author of the CrosbyReport

Honestly, there is none—you got me. My name is Peter Crosby, and I’m now a retired advertising Creative Director who has traveled the world fairly extensively because my wife drags me…I like to visit exotic places, take photos, and write about my experiences on the CrosbyReport before I forget them all.

A brief history of the CrosbyReport.

First hard copy of the CrosbyReport circa 1990.
The very first issue of the CrosbyReport, faxed to friends, circa 1990.

When I left New York back in the early ’90s to pursue a career in advertising, I soon found myself hand-writing the same “Here’s what I’m up to” letter to friends and family back home—yes, we wrote with our hands back then—and it was exhausting.

To avoid early onset Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, I decided to write one good letter, print out a bunch of copies, and then snail-mail them to everyone I knew. I called my publication, “The CrosbyReport” (well before either Colbert or Drudge, fwiw).

The CrosbyReport has always been an early adopter.

The CrosbyReport was once sent via fax machine
You don’t need to know what a fax machine looks like. Nobody does.

Tired of paying for postage stamps, I started distributing the CrosbyReport using my agency’s facsimile—or “fax”—machine (an advanced technology for the time), which made the recipient’s employer bear the financial cost. Yet before those employers went broke from fax toner bills, the Internet was invented.

On October 25, 2000, I bought the domain,, and learned GoLive CyberStudio, the world’s first WYSIWYG HTML editor, to post my letters on the web. Soon after, I learned to write HTML by hand, before moving to a Content Management System (Drupal v4-v7), and finally migrating over to WordPress.

Sadly, I neglected my site’s SEO, so nobody ever visited it—that’s why I now send the CrosbyReport to people, just like I did in the beginning. Only, you know…over email.

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