How to navigate foreign cities without annoying the foreigners who live there.

Citymapper App

Let’s face it, foreigners are different and scary — they act weird, they watch unfamiliar TV networks, and they speak those funny, consonant-heavy languages. How are you supposed to deal with all that noise? Well, thanks to a great new travel app, you don’t ever have to.

Like to travel? Here’s why you’re better than other people.

Photo of the Great Pyramids in Egypt

Many Americans believe that — since they live in “the world’s greatest country” — there’s no point in going abroad other than to ignorantly belittle and/or offend foreign cultures. But what if experiencing the world at large served your own craven self-interest? Here’s 15 reasons why it might.

Travel writer scathingly lambasts the sad state of modern tourists.

Henry Wismayer

In a rather pointed indictment of people who travel solely for the purpose of posting Facebook updates, a British travel writer for obscure publications like the New York Times, Guardian, Washington Post, and TIME Magazine, asks “Has Travel Become Another Exercise in Narcissism?” To which his answer is, not surprisingly, yes. But is he right?

How to travel the world without becoming a flight attendant or joining the Army.

The Oatmeal hates kids.

As I’ve said before, my wife and I travel a lot. Sometimes it’s a vacation, sometimes it’s a business trip. Regardless, we often drop everything and take off for foreign lands whenever opportunities appear. How is that possible? How can we afford the costs and take time off? The answer may surprise you.

The legitimate money-making opportunity airlines should be all over, but aren’t.

As frequent visitors to this site know, I have a lot of beefs with the commercial airlines’ business practices. I don’t particularly like their treatment of passengers, and I find their tone-deaf efforts to make money misguided. But what I really resent is their seeming lack of interest in taking the money that I’d gladly give them.

Man forced to spend night in empty Las Vegas airport makes epic music video.

Man who got bumped from two Delta flights and found himself all alone in a totally empty Vegas airport overnight didn’t just try to sleep, he made an epic iPhone music video of Celine Dion’s horrible cover of the Eric Carmen song, “All by myself.”

FAA admits using iPhones in ‘airplane’ mode won't crash planes after all.

For years, the airlines have been perpetuating the myth that electronic devices interfere with airplane electronics, potentially causing airplanes to crash — but they should have just told us the truth.

Idiots with laser-pointers expected to blind pilots of over 4,000 flights this year.

Just when you think the Rednecks in the country can’t do any more damage, someone gives them technology and they find a new dangerous way to use it according to a Bloomberg Businessweek report.

To increase profits, major airlines take a page from chicken factory farms.

As I’ve said before, the airline industry isn’t all that profitable. So it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to learn that some of the major airlines are trying to “optimize” their operations to eek out as much profit as possible. And who better to model yourself after than the ethical folks at Big Chicken, right?


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