What the heck is a Crosby Report?

Originally meant to update friends and family back home about my goings and doings, the CrosbyReport has slowly morphed over the years into the CrosbyReport Occasional Email Newsletter Thinga mindless diversion for news-weary people who want a break from contemplating our species’ imminent demise.

It’s a free email newsletter with all the news you pay for (none).

Instead of smart, well-researched journalism, the CrosbyReport Occasional Email Newsletter Thing prides itself on giving readers what they really want: factually questionable observations and ill-informed screeds about places and people I know little or nothing about.

FAQs about my Occasional Email Newsletter Thing.

  • How often do you send it out? Occasionally.
  • How do you send it out? By email.
  • Does it contain any news? No.
  • Is it a person, place, or thing? A thing.
  • How much does it cost? Nothing.

To see what kind of stuff to expect, checkout this archive of CrosbyReports from my travels all over the world.

So who writes all this pointless drivel?

My name is Peter Crosby, and I’m a retired advertising Creative Director who travels the world fairly extensively because my wife drags me I like to visit interesting places, take photos, and write about them. To learn more about me and my travels, sign up for my mailing list. You won’t regret it.*

Here’s what other people are saying about me (that I can print).


“Nothing makes me want to leave the country faster than Peter Crosby.”
—Mike Ruiz, Creative Director @Freelance, SF


“Hands and feet down, the most traveled biped I know in the 48 contiguous states.”
—Terry Doyle, Writer @The Doyle Inc, Seattle


“Crosby has a face for radio, but a nose for travel.”
—Graham Lee, Chief Creative Officer @The Graham Company, Toronto


“Peter has visited some incredible places all over the globe, and now brings that wealth of personal experience to his writing, for all I know.”
—Ward Evans, Writer/Director @Traction SF


“Crosby has been doggedly writing online about his international travels since the PalmPilot epoch. The thought of an actual book collecting those writings and preserving them forever fills me with dread.”
—Kevin Zimmerman, Editor/Jackhole @Cartel.TV, LA


“Whenever I am on an adventure to a third-world Dictatorland(r) and need a wingman who I can count on to provide caustic banter, wear homeless skate-punk garb, use regional profanity, and drink like an unemployed stevedore, Pete is my main man. If he’s not available, I call his spirit animal, Anthony Bourdain.”
—David Jellison, Idea Pimp @Persuader Media, LA

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