What the heck is a Crosby Report?

The CrosbyReport Occasional Email Newsletter Thing is a mindless diversion for news-weary people who want a break from being constantly reminded of our species’ imminent demise. 

The newsletter with all the news you pay for (none).

Today’s news is toxic, so why keep reading it? Instead, read my factually questionable reports and ill-informed screeds about things, places, and people that I know little or nothing about.

Who writes this pointless drivel?

Peter Crosby

That would be me. My name is Peter Crosby, and I’m now a retired advertising Creative Director who still travels the world fairly extensively because my wife drags me I like to visit interesting places, take photos, and write about my experiences there.

A brief history of the CrosbyReport.

The very first issue of the CrosbyReport, faxed to friends, circa 1990.

When I left New York back in the ’90s to pursue a career in advertising, I soon found myself hand-writing the same “Here’s what I’m up to” letter to friends and family back home—and yes, we wrote with our hands back then—it was exhausting. To avoid early onset Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, I decided to write one good letter and then mail it to everyone I knew, later sending it out via the facsimile or “fax” machine.

You don’t need to know what a fax machine looks like. Nobody does.

With the advent of the Internet, I learned to use GoLive v1.0 so I could post these letters on my own domain, CrosbyReport.com (well before either Colbert or Drudge). Sadly, I neglected my site’s SEO and so nobody ever visited it—that’s why it’s an email newsletter now.

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