Freddie Hubbard dies, leaves jazz world stuck with <shudder> Wynton Marsalis.

On December 29th, Freddie Hubbard, one of the last great jazz trumpet players, died after a heart attack at age 70. Growing up, I was a huge fan of Freddie. I used to listen to his records and play along (did I mention that I started playing trumpet when I was nine? Cuz I did).

Tales of holiday travel suckiness, courtesy of American Airlines.

Did I mention that American Airlines sucks?

This recent holiday, I flashed back to a Christmas past. The year was 1999, or maybe 2002, whatever, I don’t remember. And it’s not important. What is important was how I felt that holiday when American Airlines flew my new wife and I home to New York to spend a few precious days with my family.

Yeah, I still have a comic book collection. So?

I’ll admit it: I was a loser when I was a kid. As proof, here’s a list of all the titles and issues I have boxed up in plastic sleeves… somewhere. I have no intention of selling them yet as they comprise the sum total of my retirement plan. However, if you REALLY want an issue that I have, email me and we’ll talk.


An open letter to anyone considering the purchase of Concur Technologies software.

I am publishing this letter I wrote in the hope that it will motivate Concur Technologies to improve their software. In its current incarnation (circa, 2007), I feel that Concur’s Expense Reporting software is needlessly costing its clients vast amounts of money in training, lost productivity and employee aggravation. Fortunately, the problems are fixable in my opinion.


Things a Bond flick must have to be a real Bond flick.

I just saw the new movie, Casino Royale, starring Daniel Craig, and enjoyed it. Too bad, it’s not a Bond flick.

Yes, the lead character is named James Bond, but that alone doesn’t make it a Bond flick (see Never Say Never Again). In fact, while the Broccolis think there have already been 21 or 22 Bond films, there have really only been about six: Dr. No, From Russia With Love, Goldfinger, Thunderball, You Only Live Twice, and Diamonds Are Forever.

High School: 20 years later.

You’d think that people would change over the course of 20 long years. You’d think that 20 years would be long enough for people to “see the light,” so to speak. You know, to grow as people. To mature as human beings. To gain the wisdom of the years. You would think. And, according to all the evidence presented at my 20th High School reunion, you’d be dead wrong.

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