Price List

According to, the major online publishers—like the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and the UK’s Daily Mail—all charge a frikkin’ boatload for native advertising:

The Daily Mail charges on a cost-per-view model, with the creative built in. For $10,000, the Daily Mail guarantees 40,000 views, branded content included. Similarly, the Huffington Post charges on a CPM basis. For $30,000, an advertiser gets one article and 3 million impressions.

At best, that’s only 100 impressions per dollar, and that will blow through any marketing budget pretty quickly.

I’ll give you three times that many impressions for the same money. And they’ll be more targeted impressions because those newspapers attract all kinds of people, not just people who travel

Here’s how I price native advertising impressions.

  • $60.00 = 10,000 impressions (introductory offer!)
  • $1200.00 = 100,000 impressions
  • $24000.00 = 1,000,000 impressions*

That’s right, for every dollar you spend, I guarantee at least 300 travel fans will see it. How can I make such a bold assurance? Google page view analytics! When Google says you’ve reached your limit, your campaign is over. 

How I price my creative efforts.

As a former high-priced advertising creative, I produce top-quality content and I expect to be compensated for it, yo. I charge an hourly rate that’s very affordable considering the long-term impact of well-written digital content. Contact me for the specifics.

For more information about the CrosbyReport as an advertising vehicle for your brand, check out my media kit.