Credible evidence that UFOs once existed. [POTD]

Another “Pic Of The Day” in which I choose a favorite photo and republish it here so it looks like I blog more often than I do.

This is a photo I took in Egypt, Africa that blew me away, not because those folks look like they're negotiating a three-way or anything. But because the Temple of Karnak is the first real credible evidence I've ever seen that UFOs not only existed, they ruled over the earth for millennia, and probably eradicated the dinosaurs in a fit of pique.

Today's “Pic Of The Day”

Those dudes are super tiny, right? See? UFOs once existed.

Go ahead, try to tell me that humans—by themselves, back in Ancient times, with no tower cranes or nothing—built a stone this size without any alien intervention. Nope, not buying it.

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