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Do you like to travel? Do you like to laugh? Can you read? Then you should sign up for my mailing list. Why? Because after 30+ years of writing short-form garbage like advertisements and blog posts, I finally wrote a book. A real one, with chapters and everything. It’s about travel.

I never intended to write a book, it just kinda happened.

NOTE: Not actual cover or title.

At first, my intention was to crap out a 7-page ebook to help build an audience for my globally available and award-seeking travel blog. Yet after quickly writing 22 pages—without even trying—I realized that I had a lot of valuable travel information to impart, but no kids to bore with it. So I typed up everything I’ve learned about travel over the last few decades and got Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for the trouble (you’re welcome).

In my 186-page travel tome, you’ll learn useful info like:

  • * Where to vacation when you only speak English
  • * What to do on vacation before it gets outlawed forever
  • * Where to eat in foreign countries so you don’t die
  • * How to afford travel without selling your organs
  • * And a whole lot more…
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“This is the most effort I’ve ever put toward anything, and if people don’t like it, I’ll likely spiral downward into crushing despair and substance abuse. Enjoy!”

— Peter Crosby, Author and Professional Layabout

The author is a college-educated, professional writer who has won a very real International Writer’s Contest (for Humor). Peter Crosby currently lives with his wife and her cats in Silicon Valley where he drinks wine and watches too much TV.

Three plausible reasons to buy my travel advice book.

It’s informative.

Save time, money, and the lives of your loved ones with travel tips no one else has the guts to type.

It’s funny-ish.

Unlike serious travel books, this one will make you laugh inside your mind where no one will judge you.

It’s only $6.99.

I was told $6.99 is the optimum price for an ebook, but mine is easily worth more like $7.29.

Hear what others have said about the author.


“Nothing makes me want to leave the country faster than Peter Crosby.”
—Mike Ruiz, Creative Director @Freelance, SF


“Hands and feet down, the most traveled biped I know in the 48 contiguous states.”
—Terry Doyle, Writer @The Doyle Inc, Seattle


“Crosby has a face for radio, but a nose for travel.”
—Graham Lee, Chief Creative Officer @The T1 Agency, Toronto


“Peter has visited some incredible places all over the globe, and now brings that wealth of personal experience to his writing, for all I know.”
—Ward Evans, Writer/Director @Traction SF


“Crosby has been doggedly writing online about his international travels since the Palm Pilot epoch. The thought of an actual book collecting those writings and preserving them forever fills me with dread.”
—Kevin Zimmerman, Editor/Jackhole @Spot Welders, LA


“Whenever I am on an adventure to a third-world Dictatorland(r) and need a wingman who I can count on to provide caustic banter, wear homeless skate-punk garb, use regional profanity, and drink like an unemployed stevedore, Pete is my main man. If he’s not available, I call his spirit animal, Anthony Bourdain.”
—David Jellison, Idea Pimp @Persuader Media, LA

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If you’re not persuaded to buy my book after all that, there’s nothing I can do besides threatening your family members and I’m honestly not above that, Janet.