Why it’s best to never reevaluate your life.

While doing it might turn out better for you, I wouldn’t recommend it.
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Graphic of authorRecently, I had another birthday.1 Don't be alarmed, it usually happens this time of year. And, while it didn't make me depressed or anything, it did make me reflect on my life, and how I'm wasting it doing this.

Oh, yeah? Well, what're you doing that's so damn important?

Considering how long I've been this -based humor , you'd think that I'd have more to show for it. Like an EGOT maybe, an ESPY, or a Pulitzer at least. But those are hard to come by, and clearly require more effort than I'm willing to put into this pointless endeavor.

So you're making the world a better place, are you?

Honestly, I'm at a loss to say whether my writings will have any lasting impact or not. Sure, I've posted a lot on , and that's probably saved some lives and corrected gross injustices. Yet, once I'm gone (and my web-host stops getting paid), no trace of the CrosbyReport™ will remain.

Hey, I never asked to be here.

No one is born with a true purpose in life—it's up to each of us to find our own. And so, until I stumble across mine, I'll just keep cranking out these newsletters and hoping that the Pulitzer Committee lowers its standards. Like, a lot.

1NOTE: I am still accepting gifts and cash donations via Venmo.

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