Well, there’s another year down in the dustbin of history.

To be fair, sixteen years was a good run.
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I'll be honest, friend, the years are going by disturbingly fast now. It seems like only yesterday that Barry Bonds broke Babe Ruth's home run record, Nintendo released the Wii gaming console, and Twitter was nothing more than a twinkle in Jack Dorsey's eye.

This is a big moment in history.

So much of the world has changed since the halcyon days of 2006—when dubstep exploded in the US, the first was being developed, and social networks were just starting to promote depression, facilitate cyber-bullying, spread misinformation, and destroy families.

To be fair, 16 years was a good run.

With Twitter now imploding and Facebook facing EU antitrust charges, corporate-owned social networks are finally losing their luster. Luckily, #Mastodon presents a real opportunity to extricate ourselves from the clutches of surveillance capitalism.

The end of ads and algorithms.

The people-powered offers the functionality of Facebook/Twitter without all the privacy concerns. Just choose any server (aka, “instance”) and create an account. It doesn't matter where, because you can like, follow, and share with any other Mastodon server.

For more on “joining the herd,” this intro video.

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