Twice, I’ve been tricked by palm trees.

It’s no mystery who’s been undermining my frond-based credo.
coconut trees under cloudy sky during daytime
Photo by Thomas Lefebvre on Unsplash

My credo—if you have to have a credo*—is simply, “If palm trees can't live somewhere, neither can I.” This simple concept, I thought, would ensure that I only lived in balmy, climates. But there have been a couple of times when I was hoodwinked by live-wood.

“If palm trees can't live somewhere, neither can I.”

, Cold Weather-Phobe

Temperate zone interlopers.

San Francisco's many palm trees led me to believe that I could live there, and so I did. Years later, I learned that arecaceae are not native to the SF Bay Area. And that the only reason those trees survive is because the temperature rarely goes below freezing. For me, however, “freezing” is anything below 71°F.

Et tu, Tampa?

So when I moved back to , I thought my credo was safe. Yet, most of the state's 12 native trees only grow in South Florida. And, while I've heard it said that certain palm trees can and do grow natively in the Tampa Bay area, frankly, I just don't believe anything palm trees tell me anymore.

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