Those halcyon days of domain name squatting.

During the internet land rush, I purchased domain names that I thought would pay off.
a bunch of blue wires connected to each other
Photo by Scott Rodgerson

Back when the Internet was first invented by Al Gore, there was a land rush of sorts. So I bought up domain names I thought would be valuable one day. Or at least funny. Turns out, neither was the case.

Dumping dumb domain names.

In addition to, I purchased a few other ultimately worthless dot-coms. One of which sat unused for nearly ten years before I reluctantly released it back into the wild. I could never figure out what to do with the name.

My funniest dot-com was, I thought, brilliant.

It stemmed from me wondering, “If you could be amazing at anything in life, what would be the worst thing you could be amazing at?” And, friend, the supreme irony in that domain name still cracks me up to this day.

Au revoir,

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