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A brief history of The CrosbyReport.

When I left New York to pursue an exciting advertising career leading me out to the San Francisco Bay Area, I started the CrosbyReport as a letter to my friends back home. After a while, it evolved into a newsletter, then a website (a precursor to what’s now commonly known as a “blog”). More recently, I turned the CrosbyReport into an hilarious travel site for the entire world to enjoy. Why? Because I took a lot of photos and learned a lot about the world during my travels. What else was I going to do, write a book? That’d be dumb.

Major publications on The CrosbyReport.

magazine logos

The CrosbyReport has never been featured, mentioned, nor even alluded to in fine literary journals such as the Rolling Stone, Outside Magazine, Conde Nast Traveler, Esquire, nor The New York Times. There’s a decent chance, however, that one of the advertisements I’ve created over the years has appeared in them. So that counts, right?

The CrosbyReport is ranked #1 on Google.

Search result award

Search Engine Optimization is a constantly shifting challenge, especially in a hyper-competitive industry like travel, where billions of visitor’s eyeballs (and dollars) are up for grabs. That’s why I’m proud to say that the CrosbyReport home page is now ranked the #1 search result on Google for the highly coveted keyword “crosbyreport.” (Go ahead and try it yourself.)

Reader testimonials for the CrosbyReport.

A travel site is defined by its readers, and CrosbyReport readers are the most passionate, engaged, and attractive people you’ll find anywhere. But don’t take my word for it, here are solicited testimonials from totally unbiased friends and/or former coworkers:

“Nothing makes me want to leave the country faster than Peter Crosby.”

Mike Ruiz, Creative Director @ Freelance, SF

“Peter has visited some incredible places all over the globe, and now brings that wealth of personal experience to his writing, for all I know.”

Ward Evans, Writer/Director @ Traction SF

“Crosby has a face for radio, but a nose for travel.”

Graham Lee, Chief Creative Officer @ The T1 Agency, Toronto

“Hands and feet down, the most traveled biped I know in the 48 contiguous states.”

Terry Doyle, Writer @ The Doyle Inc, Seattle

“Whenever I am on an adventure to a third-world Dictatorland® and need a wingman who I can count on to provide caustic banter, wear homeless skate-punk garb, use regional profanity, and drink like an unemployed stevedore, Peter is my main man. If he’s not available, I call his spirit animal, Anthony Bourdain.”

David Jellison, Idea Pimp @ Persuader Media, LA

“Crosby has been doggedly writing online about his international travels since the Palm Pilot epoch.”

Kevin Zimmerman, Editor & Jackhole @ Spot Welders, LA

Traffic stats you won’t get from other travel sites.


High traffic numbers can mean that a site is popular, but it can also mean that a site’s server is getting hit by a lot of comment spambots, those automated scripts that crawl the Internet looking for easy sites to inundate with affiliate links for knock-off prescription pharmaceuticals and/or dubious male enhancement products. And in terms of comment spam, the CrosbyReport ranks right up there alongside some of the world’s top travel sites!

The CrosbyReport has fans on Facebook.

Facebook fan-ready

The CrosbyReport has a Facebook page with currently tens of fans, all eagerly awaiting my travel updates, product reviews, and Russian fake political news stories. All of my sponsorship packages include prominent, highly sharable posts showcasing your product which, barring any Facebook algorithm updates, people might actually see (but no guarantees, I’m not a wizard).

Our demographics are ideal for any product.


CrosbyReport readers (by age).

The CrosbyReport’s visitors are mostly in the highly desirable, 25-44 age range (see chart), a group which has the highest disposable income to blow on travel and travel-related products or services. The site also does comparatively well with “The Fifties,” the hottest new group of travelers, aged 52-59 (better known as “Your parents.”)

“Nielsen estimates that in 2017 nearly 50 percent of the U.S. adult population will be age 50 and older and will control about 70 percent of the country’s disposable income.” —


CrosbyReport readers (by gender).

Better yet, thanks to engaging travel-oriented content that appeals to both of the major sexes, the CrosbyReport’s audience is equally split between men and women (the two genders historically inclined to travel most). Coincidence? Not if you’re the type of person who find patterns where they don’t actually exist.

Rest assured, I can give you what you really want.

But let’s be honest, all you really want from a native advertising campaign or content sponsorship is an SEO link back to your site. I get it. And, luckily for you, I’m not too proud to help you out in exchange for a bunch of money. So to sponsor content on this site, contact me.