Is native advertising right for your travel product? Yes, and here’s why.

I will create content for your travel brand (assuming it passes muster, or you pay me enough).

I will create content for your travel brand (assuming it passes muster, or you pay me enough).

Do you want more traffic to your travel-related product or service? Who doesn’t, right? Well, I can help. How? With content. What kind of content? Content that people read. What kind of people? People who travel. Travel where?

Shut up. Just shut up.

I’m talking about “native advertising.” That’s where you give me your product or service to review, and then—if I like it*—I’ll write a post about its unique awesomeness for a fee based on the myriad of factors I’ve alluded to on my price list.

Top 6 reasons to natively advertise on this site:

  1. No one clicks on banner ads anymore (not even Google ads, sadly).
  2. More and more people are now blocking ads altogether.
  3. Native advertising looks like editorial because it is editorial.
  4. People will read paid content (when it’s interesting).
  5. Ad-blockers are powerless against compelling copywriting.
  6. Native advertising even helps improve your site’s SEO.

There are probably more reasons, but I have better things to do than to convince you of the inevitable paradigm shift that native advertising presents.

When you sponsor content on the CrosbyReport, I’ll write a clever, conceptual, and convincing post that will entertain people, sell your product hard—like diamonds and granite hard—all the while preserving my high moral and ethical standards as a trusted and objective source of travel information.

Check out this unsponsored-but-totally-should-have-been-sponsored blog post to see the type of content I could create for YOUR brand.

So how do I work this magic? Mad writing skillz, yo. I used to work in advertising and I know how to write non-boring content that sells. NOTE: If you’re not comfortable with someone making a little fun of your brand, then you’re not going to be a match for this site (read some of my travel content to understand that statement fully).

For more information about sponsoring the CrosbyReport, see my media kit, my price list, or just contact me before your company tragically goes out of business.