Florence: You say “Florence,” I say “Firenze.” And I’d be right.

We almost missed our train to Florence, but fortunately, it was running 10 minutes late. Watching the destination board update itself was like gambling. “Come on, Firenze! Daddy needs an on-time departure!” Learning from our experience with EuroStar, we upgraded ...
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Rome, Italy: The cradle of civilization (and toga parties).

We boarded a huge Boeing 747 crammed with what looked like the entire U.S. population of octogenarians. We found our seats, figuring “What more harm could another plane full of self-important Mid-western hicks do to America’s already sagging popularity overseas?” ...
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Commercial Airliner

Italy, France, and Britain: Our glamorous, 3-week European vacation.

For years, people have been telling me stories about their vacations to a place they called “Europe,” a mystical land argued to be the equal of — and even better in many respects than — the United States. I found ...
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