Steep Ravine, CA: Tired of comfy hotels with electricity, heat, and indoor plumbing?

Are you getting soft? Is your life too cushy and comfortable? Do you long for the lifestyle that your forefathers worked their entire lives to escape?

Sorry, my report on this destination is still pending.

Sure, I’m a retired now, but writing travel reports hardly qualifies as a good reason not to lie by the pool. So I’ll get around to finishing this report when I get around to it. Okay? Okay. Come back in a few weeks, it might be up by then, you know…if it rains a lot.

What to do in Ithaca, NY other than getting drunk, stoned, or a college degree.

Ithaca puts two schools of higher learning—bastions of radical, anti-establishment, and progressive thought—on the southern tip of Cayuga Lake, the middle finger of the Finger Lakes Region.

Why you should visit Australia in spite of all the things that could kill you.

Few other travel destinations offer tourists as many different and dangerous ways to painfully die.

3 sights in Oaxaca Mexico that almost make up for it not being on a beach.

Oaxaca, Mexico is a full eight-hour drive from the nearest coast. What the hell, am I right?

Belize: It’s like a giant saltwater aquarium that isn’t all full of fish poop.

People don’t come to Belize for white sandy beaches. They come for what most islands don’t have: an epic, ocean-taming barrier reef.

Guerneville, CA: Get away from everything (including cell coverage).

Not every vacation destination we choose is some exotic location in a far-flung corner of the globe. Sometimes, we’re just too lazy to make proper travel plans.

Seattle: It’s not always rainy, miserable, and bleak (or so they tell me).

Seattle is famous for its horrible weather, so it’s no surprise that I don’t live there and never will.

Napa Valley: Where classy people overpay to get plastered.

California is full of amazing, beautiful places, and few have the air of class and sophistication for which the Napa Valley is known. But is there any truth to that perception, or is it all just marketing and puffery? Find out if Napa Valley is really worth burning a week of vacation time as well as your life savings.