Miami and Key West, Florida: Our virgin visit

Miami isn’t nearly as dangerous as most people had led me to believe. Oh, sure, on a recent trip I took a wrong turn and ended up in an area that would’ve given Chuck Norris bad dreams. But the South Beach area with its Art Deco architecture was inspiring. I felt like Michael J. Fox in one of those Back To The Future sequels. The nightlife was exciting–including activities I haven’t taken part in since college (due to stricter indecent exposure laws).

San Francisco, CA: I’m now totally bi (coastal, that is).

I just flew back from a wild weekend in California. And boy, are my arms tired.

Orlando, Florida: We pay homage to The Rat.

The year was 1975. I was but a small boy—eyes wide in amazement at the huge structure in front of me loomed larger than life. Its wide girth spiraling towards a single gleaming spire pointed at the stars. This was my raison d’etre. This was why we had traveled seemingly endless miles stuffed into the back of the largest passenger automobile ever made by General Motors — the Chevrolet Impala Stationwagon.