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Photo of flying

Airlines completely screw up my brilliantly simple plan to save them.

Back in 2012, I gave commercial airlines the secret of bringing back the Golden Age of Flight. I thought the instructions were pretty clear and simple. So simple that even ...
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Hey, TSA, I want my pocketknives back!

The biggest threat my pocket-knife poses to airline personnel is from infection.

When news broke that the TSA had decided to stop stealing people’s pocket-knives, I was more than a little happy. Because over the past few years, I’d lost four — ...
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exposed wallet in jeans

Don’t get robbed on vacation by anyone except airlines, hotels and rental cars.

Being from New York, I’m naturally paranoid (it’s in the water, I think). So when I travel — whether it’s internationally or just to the living room — I take ...
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Commercial Airliner

Bringing back the Golden Age of Flight: A one step plan for greedy airlines.

As an experienced leisure and business traveler, I’m constantly amazed at the way commercial airlines have regressed over the years. This once-glamorous industry has shot itself in the foot time ...
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