You may need a drink before reading this.


Are you currently Chevy-Chased, Four to the floor, Having the whirlygigs, Legless, Merl Haggard, Monkey-full, Newcastled, Nicely irrigated with horizontal lubricant, Off me pickle, On a campaign, Pie-eyed, Rat-legged, Saying hello to Mr Armitage, Steampigged, Tashered, With the fairies, and/or Zombied? Then listen up.

The supposedly safe Acetaminophen (aka, Tylenol) is the now leading cause of acute liver failure. Especially when mixed with alcohol. Ibuprofen is no better as it can cause ulceration and bleeding, kidney dysfunction, and liver inflammation. While Naproxen has been shown to elevate your risk of heart attack and stroke.

So what's a hungover drunk to do? Take coated-aspirin instead. After all, who needs a stomach lining?

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