I’ll admit it: I was a loser when I was a kid. As proof, here’s a list of all the titles and issues I have boxed up in plastic sleeves… somewhere. I have no intention of selling them yet as they comprise the sum total of my retirement plan. However, if you REALLY want an issue that I have, email me and we’ll talk.

By the way, the prices listed are really old. They’re worth far more now. So don’t get any ideas of putting one over on me….

Titles A – D Adventure Comics/Amazing Adventures/Arrgh!/Astonishing Tales/Avengers, The/Avengers, The (Annual)/Batman/Batman, The Untold Legend Of/Battlestar Galactica/Bizarre Adventures/Black Goliath/Black Lightning/Black Panther/Captain America/Captain Canuck/Captain Marvel, The New/Cerebus/Cerebus, Swords Of/Challengers Of The Unknown/Champions, The/Claw/Conan/Crazy!/Creepy/Daredevil/DC Comics Presents/Deadly Hands Of Kung Fu/Defenders, The/Detective Comics, Batman/Dynamic Classics

Titles E – L E-Man/Eclipse/Epic Illustrated/Eternals, The/Fantastic Four, The/Fantasy Masterpieces/Firestorm/Ghost Rider/Howard The Duck/Howard The Duck Magazine/Hulk, Rampaging/Hulk, The Incredible/Human Fly, The/Human Torch, The/Inhumans,The/Invaders, The/Iron Fist/Iron Man/John Carter, Warlord Of Mars/Journey/Jungle Action/Justice League Of America/Kamandi/King Conan/Kong/Kull/Legion Of Superheroes/Luke Cage

Titles M – R Machine Man/Manthing/Marvel Adventures/Marvel Chillers/Marvel Double Feature/Marvel Fantasy Masterpieces/Marvel Premiere/Marvel Presents/Marvel Preview/Marvel Spotlight/Marvel Super Action/Marvel Super Special Magazine/Marvel Superheroes/Marvel Tales/Marvel Team-Up/Marvel Team-Up (Annual)/Marvel Triple Action/Marvel Two-In-One/Marvels Greatest Comics/Micronauts, The/Moon Knight/Ms. Marvel/Mystery In Space/Nova/Pantha/Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spiderman/Powerman & Ironfist/Red Sonja/Return Of The New Gods/ROM/Rook, The

Titles S – Z Shade, The Changing Man/She-Hulk, The Savage/Shogun Warriors/Spiderman, The Amazing/Spiderwoman/Star Hunters/Star Trek/Star Wars/Star Wars Annual/Steel/Super Villain Team-Up/Superboy & The Legion Of Superheroes/Swamp Thing, The Original Saga Books/Tales To Astonish/Tarzan/Thor, The Mighty/Time Warp/Vampirella/Vampires, Planet Of The/Warlord, The/What If?/World Of Krypton/Worlds Finest/X-Men, The Amazing