What would Chuck Norris do?

My first Chuck Norris film was The Octagon (1980) at a drive-in theater.

My first Chuck Norris was The Octagon (1980) at a drive-in theater. Remember those? During the summer, they used to show double-features of cheesy movies a lot, for some reason. Once I was old enough, my brother and I would go see what was arguably the worst acting ever recorded on film.

Chuck Norris movies sometimes had some good Kung-Fu shit.

The Octagon referred to a group of ninjas he was battling, and it contained the memorable voice-over line: “The body sleeps, the mind never sleeps.” Cool, right?

I used to think Chuck Norris was cool.

Since then, I have watched in dismay as this Caucasian Karate colossus devolved into a shotgun-wielding, pseudo-sheriff/hick brawler (okay, I didn't it, but I saw the promos).

Chuck's reputation is saved by the Interwebs.

More recently, someone on the Internet posted faux facts about Chuck Norris. And they are pretty funny. Fully aware that people are spreading truths about him, Mr. Norris has thus far allowed the authors to live.

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