Rating agency officially confirms what most travelers know: U.S. airlines are the worst.

Sure, it seems at times like U.S. airlines are the worst. But are they really the absolute worst airlines in the world?
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Are you surprised to learn U.S. are the worst? Not that I'm shocked or anything, but Skytrax just announced that “America's airlines are the world's most profitable and least comfortable.” Who's Skytrax? Well, in a butchered nutshell: Skytrax operate the Airline Rating system established 14 years ago, which is recognized worldwide as the professional, unified airline quality rating classification and the airline industry benchmark for Quality Excellence.

Yeah, that's right, they set the benchmark for Quality Excellence. Not that Crappy Excellence people always try to peddle. 

It's official: U.S. airlines suck balls.

Etihad Airliner over Stockport
Photo by Gerald England | CC-BY-SA 2.0

Grammar aside, Skytrax found that U.S. airlines are the worst in the category of “ airline seat.” That's probably because the US airlines have made a deliberate effort to treat passengers like so much cattle. Buying airline tickets is now a “pay for painlessness” type of transaction — the more you pay, the more human-like treatment you get. 

Sadly, it must be working, because while airlines ranked at the bottom for comfort and civility, they rank at the top of profitability. Hurray..? 

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