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The long-awaited answer to: “So how’s your stupid travel advice book coming along?”

In a word, it’s done. That’s right, it’s finished. Finito! That is to say, I’m done writing the first draft of the “content.” Yes, after five long months, I’ve managed to commit exactly 35,247 English words and over 2,000 mostly readable sentences onto digital parchment for you, posterity, and the Ages.

Stop online companies from stealing, selling, (and leaking) your personal data.

Photo of a laptop

Recently, someone said to me, “Hey, you look like a paranoid nerd. How can I stay safe online?” to which I replied, “It’s easy, Mom” and went off on a rant about every American’s Fourth Amendment right to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects.

My borderline obsessive search for the world’s best alarm clock radio.

photo of world's best alarm clock radio

As a frequent traveler, I’ve learned that oversleeping is generally detrimental to catching early morning flights, not to mention keeping a day job to pay for the trips. So waking up reliably is key and that’s why I’ve spent the last few decades in an ongoing search for the world’s best alarm clock radio. You wouldn’t think it would be hard to find a clock radio with all the features I want, but then you probably don’t know me all that well.

A gift for the traveler who has everything, including sinus congestion.

A woman with clogged ears.

Do you have someone on your holiday gift list who suffers from “airplane ear,” a condition where nasal mucus blocks air flow through the eustachian tubes when there’s a pressure imbalance between their middle ear and the air around them?

Who doesn’t, amiright?

Well, now the scienticians at AirFrance have developed a high-tech, non-invasive, and orally administered solution to this sound-muffling issue.

How to use hotel wifi without instantly getting all your bank accounts hacked.

wifi logo

With wifi now becoming a standard feature at even the crappiest of hotel chains (finally), it’s very important to know how to keep you and your passwords safe while surfing the Interwebs on these unsecured public networks.