For years, you’ve probably been puzzling over the most mysterious question of the ages: “Why do airline passengers have to turn off our electronic devices before take-off?” Will it really crash the plane? Well now, finally, there’s a good answer. Or three.

The folks over at CollegeHumor.com have looked into the issue and come up with the most plausible answer yet for why airline flight attendants are constantly asking us to turn off our Kindles and iPhones.

Of course, the real answer is far more simple: While there may or may not be technical considerations, mostly flight attendants just want us to pay attention to their safety presentation so we don’t all die in the event of a crash landing.

They said that the benefit of shutting off electronics is that it guarantees that no one will have headphones or video players on to distract them in case the flight attendants actually need to give emergency instructions. — Sasha Katsnelson

Likewise, putting your setback in the full upright position is important because the seat is only locked when it’s fully upright. And why is being locked important? According to Brian Manning, a flight attendant for Mesa Airlines:

When the seat is back, it’s not locked. In the event of an emergency, an unlocked seat has more force during impact, and the thrusting forward of that seat can cause passenger injury.

See? There are perfectly sound, logical reasons for most of the seemingly crazy stuff flight attendants say. I cannot, however, explain the “Buh, bah!” comment as you get off the plane. That’s just super weird.

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