The long-awaited answer to: “So how’s your stupid travel book coming along?”

Rest assured, that when this book is finally finished, it will not have been worth the wait. I guarantee it.

UPDATE 07.15.2024: Things are heating up here at TCR. Despite getting suckered into devving my wife’s company’s website, I am nonetheless grinding out edits to my manuscript. The book has changed radically from the first time I said it was done (circa 2018), but I am rededicating myself to getting it finished this year. Or maybe next year, at the latest. Unless I don’t get around to it.

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UPDATE 03.30.2024: My stupid travel book is still being worked on. Despite a litany of legal issues, getting the rights to illicit stories of my relationships with famous (and married) celebrities, I am making progress on the book. Expect it sometime before the next millennium.

UPDATE 01.16.2024: Good news, everyone! Forward progress! Amy finally read the book and made some suggestions that will involve more writing and work on my part. So, that’s cool. I guess.

UPDATE 07.12.2023: Still no word on any edits from my wife. Meanwhile, I’ve been gutting a lot of the original draft of my stupid travel book, replacing useful information with less useful stories. Why? Because it’s better that way. You’ll see.

UPDATE 04.01.2023: Well, my wife hasn’t done shit about editing the book. She insists that she will, but I am starting to have my doubts.

UPDATE 11.04.2022: It’s been awhile since I last updated this, I know. And, to be honest, I haven’t really been focused on the book of late. I’ve been traveling and writing up CrosbyReports as well as email newsletters. I’m hoping to make more progress on the book in 2023 once all our COVID-bumped travel is completed. That’s the plan, at least.

UPDATE 08.02.2021: Still waiting for my wife to read it. She’s dragging her feet. It’s all her fault now. Blame her.

UPDATE 05.16.2021: I’ll be honest, the lawn has been a more pressing concern of late. I’ve got patches of dying grass, and I am not happy about it. It’s hard to edit a book while you are seething inside with rage.

UPDATE 01.17.2021: My wife made some helpful suggestions, so I’m working on rewriting parts of my stupid travel book—large parts. I now fully regret ever starting this project.

UPDATE 12.07.2020: Trapped indoors for months, I thought I would’ve gotten further in this process, but I moved and had to fix the new place up which took awhile. Then I got super lazy, and here we are. Still on it, though!

UPDATE 08.07.2020: Editing mostly. Cutting out the crap. Trimming the fat. Stuff like that.

UPDATE 06.07.2020: Now that the global pandemic has rewritten the landscape of travel, I have to go back and update a lot of the garbage I wrote. Thanks a lot, stupid coronavirus.

UPDATE 05.16.2020: Sorry, no progress since my last post. But just know that when this ordeal is all over, and you finally get to read my book, you will be sorely disappointed. So you’ve got that to look forward to.

UPDATE 04.21.2020: At this point, the first official draft of my stupid travel book is finished, and I’ve sent it along to a qualified friend for feedback. Sadly, work for them isn’t letting up despite the whole COVID-19 thing, so this could take even longer.

UPDATE 01.27.2020: More delays as the move back to Florida—and the necessary home renovations—took longer than I expected to complete. But I am now back at the MacBook, mashing buttons and cleaning up the remaining hacky parts of my book. Fingers crossed it will be done…let’s say something really ambiguous like “soon.”

UPDATE 05.08.2019: Writing is hard—really hard—especially after all the wine I have to drink to forget about work. Just know that I am still sweating salty blood to finish this book for you, my loyal readers, and not just a big paycheck from the publisher. Get updates on my progress sooner by joining my damn mailing list »

UPDATE 03.18.2019: My apologies. My stupid travel book shoulda been done a LOOOOONG time ago, but now that I’ve spent so much time and effort on it, I kinda need to make sure it doesn’t totally suck. Meanwhile, avoid wasting your valuable time checking this site for updates by joining my mailing list »

UPDATE 11.28.2018: Still on it! I’m adding a lot of personal stories to bring my travel advice to life and that’s taking longer than I had hoped. To avoid checking this site for updates, just join my mailing list »

UPDATE 8.28.2018: Work has been crazy of late and I haven’t had as much time as I’d hope to finish up the book. But I am still very actively working on it during my commute. To avoid checking this site for updates, just join my mailing list »

UPDATE 6.13.2018: The text below the line is a bunch of lies (in retrospect). However, rest assured that I am still actively working on my stupid travel book (when I’m not trying to keep my day-job). Join my mailing list to find out when it’s released.

In a word, it’s done. That’s right, it’s finished. Finito! That is to say, I’m done writing the first draft of the “content.” Yes, after five long months, I’ve managed to commit exactly 35,247 English words and over 2,000 mostly readable sentences onto digital parchment for you, posterity, and the Ages.

It’s been “a labor of love” only in that I would love for it to be over already.

Sadly, it’s not. There’s still a lot of non-writing work to be done—“editing,” I believe they call it—and that will no doubt be a tedious slog of time-sucking tedium.

Though most of this tome veritably poured fully formed from my brain like the Goddess Athena from the split-open noggin of Zeus—there are nonetheless many unanswered questions about the content yet to be answered.

Questions like: Are the words I’ve chosen, the best words? Do they build a logical, cogent and compelling argument with a singular focus derived from incontrovertible human truths? Failing that, do they at least form complete sentences?

Frankly, the odds aren’t good.

One of my editors recently asked to discuss the book with me but insisted that we meet in a well-lit, public place near a police station. After street vendor doughnuts and vodka, she called my submission “the literary equivalent of dumping seven shoeboxes full of loose, food-stained receipts on your tax accountant’s desk.”

So the book might still need some, you know, “polishing.”

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