Spreading Idiocracy.

Idiocracy started as a satire of modern life, but it has become a scarily prescient documentary.

Go rent the Mike Judge movie, “Idiocracy,” now. It might be on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or your local -store (just not Blockbuster—they probably won't have it since it has anti-establishment themes). It's a frighteningly insightful look into the unavoidable future of mankind (assuming we continue on our present heading, namely, into oblivion).

Maya Rudolph, Luke Wilson, and Dax Shepard

Watch Idiocracy twice, the first time you'll be too traumatized to laugh.

Maya is an underrated hottie.

The plot involves an average person (Luke Wilson) and a prostitute (Maya Rudolph) from the current time period, circa the early 2000s. Neither character has family nor friends, so they make the perfect test subjects for a secret military experiment.

As part of the Human Hibernation Project, our two nobodies are cryogenically frozen to test if soldiers could be stored for future use. When the plan is discovered by the public, people are outraged and is the program is hastily shut down. Our protagonists are forgotten, however, and don't wake up for another 500 years.

What if humans devolved instead of evolved?

During that time, the world has fallen into ruin and disarray. Capitalism has won. to idiots over-breeding, Reality TV shows, and junk , the World Of The Future is populated by nothing but mouth-breathing dolts (and if you find that premise far-fetched, this video).

Our average moron then finds himself in the unenviable position of being the smartest man on a planet of morons. Hilarity, and more than a little despair, ensues.

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