[POTD] Phuket: A natural phenomenon. No, I mean behind the fat guy.

Today’s “Pic Of The Day,” in which I choose a photo to republish, so it looks like I blog more often than I do.

Here's one of the many photos I took in beautiful Phuket, Thailand while I was there on in 2014. It's a spectacular country with no end of incredible vistas and views. Yet, this singular image really captures and showcases two natural phenomena I saw in the area that blew my mind:

Today's “Pic Of The Day” [POTD] Phuket.

[POTD] Phuket
  1. The amount of erosion experienced by Phuket's huge rock formations that jut out of the water.
  2. The size of that dude's gut. I mean, seriously, bro, skip a meal now and then.

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