Plebeian no more: United reinstates my “Premier Silver” status.

Of late, I have been traveling “on my own dime” as they say.

Of late, I have been traveling “on my own dime” as they say, and not as they also say, “on the largess of an corporation's Q3 marketing budget line-item.” Having now spent the GNP of a small nation with , I'm finally being welcomed back into the warm, loving of United's “Premier Silver” status.

A few years back, I was traveling a lot on business and had racked up enough frequent flyer miles to qualify for the quasi-humane treatment of Premier Silver status. Sadly, it didn't last long as my MileagePlus miles eventually dipped below the cut-off point and I became customer non-grata. Since that dark moment, I've been forced to either leach off my wife's status or, gods forbid, fly Economy like a freakin' animal! 

But no more! Today, I am once again a god among men! Or at least among travelers. Okay, Economy travelers.

And here's a preview of my regained Premier Silver benefits (some of which I may actually be able to use):

  • Room to relax — Complimentary access to Economy Plus® at check-in for me and a companion, when available.
  • comfort — Complimentary Premier Upgrade confirmation as early as the day of departure.
  • Priority at the — Enjoy Premier Access® priority services, including check-in, baggage handling, screening (where available) and boarding privileges.
  • Faster rewards — Earn 25% Premier bonus award miles to use toward flights, upgrades, hotel stays, car rentals and more.
  • Global recognition — Enjoy Star Alliance™ Silver benefits, including priority reservations wait-listing and priority airport standby.

Obviously, this is a big day for me since United will now stop treating me like a leper with Ebola. Hey, maybe they'll even comp me some free liquor on my next International flight?! Yeah, you're right — I probably shouldn't push it. 

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