The American news media is fond of making crazy prognostications about the economy based on unusual economic indicators like height of heels, baked bean sales, and even online dating. But there’s a more direct, obvious indicator that tells you everything you need to know.

Despite rosy predictions of a global recovery, the U.S. economy’s “strength” hasn’t trickled down to the average American yet. How can you tell? One simple indicator: People aren’t traveling. 

According to almost 4,000 American adults who took a Google Consumer Survey, 63% have not traveled in the last year. What’s worse, over half of them haven’t taken a single vacation day yet and it’s already Fall! Why is that significant?

People don’t travel or take vacation days for two reasons: 1.) They fear their job is shaky and they might lose it, or 2.) They have too much work to do. Both of those problems stem from a less than stellar economy — if the economy was doing better, people wouldn’t be afraid of getting fired and businesses would be hiring enough people to do the job. 

So despite how well Corporate Persons are currently doing (see S&P500), Human Persons are still struggling.