Maybe there IS some truth to alien life on other planets.

In 2003, the Hubble Space Telescope took an image that shows our place in the universe.
gray and black galaxy wallpaper
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The idea that there is alien life on other worlds has been around for a long time. UFOs have been reported by drunken farmers in Middle America for decades. Yet, the US government has been very closed-lip about the possibility of visitors from outer . So, the idea has remained largely the domain of science fiction and theories. Then, in 2003, NASA threw gasoline on the fire with the Hubble Telescope.

Alien life is looking more and more likely.

The Hubble Space Telescope peered into deep space and found tons of other galaxies hiding out of sight. In places where they thought there was nothing but empty space, they found those places jammed with more galaxies. It's like when you think you've found an empty parking space, but as you approach, you see a small car already in there. It's like that.

The Hubble Space Telescope has seen some shit.

this video and then tell me that there is no other life in the universe.

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