Like to travel? Here’s why you’re better than other people.

Does experiencing the world at large also serve your own craven self-interest? Probably.

Many Americans believe that — since they live in “the world's greatest country” — there's no point in going abroad other than to ignorantly belittle and/or offend foreign cultures. But what if experiencing the world at large served your own craven self-interest? Here's 15 reasons why it might.

A recent article identifies some of the potential upsides of getting a passport — , they claim, is the key to having a successful life. 

Frequent travelers, people constantly on the move, learn many life skills exploring our world.

In a nutshell, they feel that the traits necessary to travel are the same that businesses look for. So the better you are at traveling, the better you'll be as an employee. It's a bold claim, to be sure. Yet it's not entirely without merit.

Read Lifehack's 15 reasons why travelers are more successful than stay-cationers:

  1. They know how to thrive outside their comfort zone.
  2. They welcome and embrace change.
  3. They know how to manage their emotions.
  4. They trust and don't always need to be in control.
  5. They manage fear and move past it.
  6. They recognize and seize opportunities.
  7. They know how to negotiate to get what they want.

See the whole list of 15 reasons why you're superior to all those couch-surfing, TV binge-watching, delivery -eating shut-ins who never leave their homes. 

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