While I’ll certainly admit that “the ability to fly” is a pretty cool super-power (and one of the most popular), I’m starting to believe that it’s going to airlines’ collective heads. 

Of late, the airlines have been grossly disregarding the comfort of their passengers, treating them like so much cattle. And now, they’ve eliminated one of the few perks available to families with small kids: free pre-boarding. 

Now, I’m all for getting those sticky-fingered, disease-infested rug rats out of the aisles as soon as possible, so I have no issue with letting them board before me. But why would airlines curtail this time-honored procedure?

Priceonomics.com recently asked just that in their article, “Why did airlines eliminate pre-boarding for families?” Sadly, they came to the conclusion that airlines stopped allowing families to board early “because they can.”

They’re officially mad with power. And after reading that a “Family booted off Southwest Airlines after dad tweeted about ‘rude’ gate agent,” I’m reluctant to post anything negative about our benevolent, gravity-defying overlords.

As I’ve always said, the airlines know what they’re doing better than we do, and since always have our best interests at heart, however they treat us is for our own good. 

All hail America’s awesome commercial airlines!

(Can I board my flight now? Please?)