Guavaween: Goblins, Ghouls and Girls.


Avid readers of the CrosbyReport will recall this event from last year. (Yes, it's more than just a word that gives Spell-Check a fit.) It's the annual Tampa Bay Halloween party. And, in Ybor City, where there are at least three tattoo and/or piercing shops every block, you can expect some serious weirdness. Naturally, it did not disappoint.

Amy and I went dressed convincingly as each other, to the extent that several people commented on how realistic and lifelike we looked. We wandered the streets watching drunk guys try to convince women on balconies to expose certain parts of their anatomy for their titillation.

Of course, while it's a lot of fun to see the strange get stranger, Guavaween can get pretty ugly at times. One particular balcony was easily coerced into disrobing and a throng of hormonally-imbalanced youths caused a ‘Who concert'-like stampede that nearly trampled us.

Needless to say, there is nothing even close to this in Tallahassee where we currently live. So, unfortunately, we ought to be safe. Dammit.

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