If you look on the license plates in Florida, you may notice what seems to be some kind of amorphous blob in between the numbers and letters. It’s called a Manatee, or a sea-cow. It’s function in the grand scheme of things appears to be similar to that of a land-cow–moving as if the rest of the planet were on amphetamines, and eating anything that has no system of propulsion of it’s own with which to escape. They differ from their land-based counterparts in that they possess no udders, don’t require milking and don’t end up between a bun, lettuce and special sauce. (I’m not sure if they fart pure Methane like land-cows, but I’ll ask.) Inconsiderate boneheads tend to run them over in boats as they attempt to surface for air. Many appear visibly scarred from our rude little surprise wake-up calls.