For years, the airlines have been perpetuating the myth that electronic devices interfere with airplane electronics, potentially causing airplanes to crash — but they should have just told us the truth.

What airlines failed to tell passengers is the real reason they don’t want you reading, gaming, or listening to music — it’s because they need you to listen to the flight attendants!

Electronics were never a threat to the plane, just a threat to your attention (and that’s not surprising considering how boring the typical pre-flight presentation is).

But instead of just saying, “Hey, put your goddamn gadgets away and listen up, people!” — a very valid and legitimate assertion — they perpetuated this moronic and patently false myth.

Virgin America took a different tack to get people to pay attention to this important pre-flight information. They made a video people will WANT to pay attention to:

Well, now that the FAA has eased restrictions on the use of electronics on airplanes, essentially admitting that they were never really the actual problem, Virgin America has to re-edit their incredibly well-produced safety video.

Way to go, FAA.