Charging for alcohol on an 11-hour international flight? US$8 for mediocre wine? That’s bullcrap, and you know it, United. Look, I get that you’re trying to keep your shareholders happy by trying to turn an ever-increasing profit. But don’t you think that nickel-and-diming your loyal, long-haul customers is a losing long-term proposition? I hope you do, because I do. And everyone else who flies does, too. But unlike the Telcos and Cable companies, you DO have real competition, and it’ll be crap like this that makes people switch. In droves. Super not cool, United. Super not cool.

UPDATE: According to comments on this website, United stopped serving free alcohol on Trans-Pacific flights in January of this year (2014). Luckily, the same site also keeps an updated list of the airlines who DO serve free alcohol.