Celebrity Sightings in Los Angeles.


While my partner Geordie and I were down basking in ther debauchery that is the LA Scene, we were able to spot a few celebrities. One of my favorite dining establishments in West Hollywood is Dan Tana's (If the name seems familiar, it's because that was Robert Urich's character name in the TV show, Vegas.) The is old world Italian complete with red and white checked vinyl tablecloths. But the waiters all wear tuxes and the dark ambiance encourages celebrities to come out of their Malibu houses. I've been there about four times and have seen Sharon Lawrence from NYPD Blue, Peter Boyd from Everybody Loves Raymond, Arsenio Hall from well, obscurity, Micheal Richards from Seinfeld, Pete Sampras from Wimbledon, Vlademier Somebody from the LA Lakers. All very exciting. The last time we were down there, we sat next to Hugh Hefner and his triplet girlfriends.

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