British twit tours “Axis Of Evil” on motorbike, somehow lives to tell about it.

I recently came across this interesting video.
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I recently came across this interesting , in which some young guy from London named Ed March — who probably lives in a castle and has tons of menservants — throws it all away just to ride around the world on a crappy, piece of shit Honda C90 motorbike. Truly, the British never cease to amaze me.

In America, Iran is still viewed by many as part of the laughably juvenile “Axis of Evil” — so it's nice to get a propaganda-free look at the people of Iran and their disappointingly non-evil lives. 

FROM ED MARCH'S WEBSITE: “Welcome to my C90 adventures website. I'm not a professional or rider by any stretch of the imagination, but I've got a passion for doing as many exciting things as I can in my life, a passion for making people laugh, but mainly… a passion to show the world that you don't need a £15,000 BMW GS1200 to . What you should buy is a £150 C90 and spend £15,000 doing every stupid idea you can think of :)”

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