Amy’s High School reunion.

Amy had a high school reunion recently that forced us to take a week off from work and fly to sunny Florida. We didn’t lounge around much, but we got to see friends whom we now only contact via e-mail. At the reunion, we learned valuable lessons about high school friendships. Namely, that if you haven’t kept in touch with someone since high school, there’s probably a damn good reason.

As usual, Amy looked great, while I tried hard not to embarrass her.

The Reunion committee geniuses made the egregious error of holding 3 different get-togethers—each more formal than the last— culminating in the dressy "official" reunion by which time everyone was sick and tired of talking to each other.

All the old cliques instantly reformed and the old pecking order of high school had been reestablished. Frankly, it shouldn’t have surprised us. Nonetheless, we had hoped that some would evolve over the years and grow as individuals. And, to be honest, some had. But those people were now smart enough to avoid the reunion.

The majority of the attendees were people whose lives had peaked in high school. You know, the guys who were on the football team and now pump gas at the local Stop N’ Go To Hell cuz they didn’t have a fallback plan after they weren’t drafted by the NFL. As well as the popular girls, who got married early because they had to (they were "popular" after all) and now have more kids than a herd of goats.

Still it wasn’t a total waste. This experience will save Amy and I the expensive flight back to New York for my next reunion.