Bucking the latest airline trend of treating passengers like human cattle, Singapore Airlines is now offering repressed (or considerate) fliers easy access to the Mile-High Club on their A380 airplanes, cleverly rebranded as “suite-level” service. The only downside is that you have to be a billionaire to afford it.

The best way to join the Mile-High Club.

For the low, low price of only US$20,000, anyone can jet off within your own private cabin sitting comfortably in a lavish armchair or lying pant-less in a full-size bed (wink, wink). Naturally, there’s non-stop entertainment on your own 23” widescreen TV, but you certainly didn’t pay Singapore Airlines almost twenty-grand to sit around watching crap movies like “Blended,” right? No, you rented out this flying motel room, so you can make your own entertainment and finally join the Mile-High club.

That’s why the private bathroom comes thoughtfully appointed with “Hollywood-style mirror” so Kim Kardash— I mean, your date — can redo her make-up after you do the nasty. Plus, your suite comes with “enhanced lighting” so there’s no identity confusion when you later leak the tape to TMZ.